Assessing commercial roof issues is easier said than done, which is why enlisting the assistance of an industry expert is a must. Have your roof inspected at least twice a year for signs of damage.  Professionals recommend roof inspections at the end of winter and beginning of fall as the fall and winter months generally bring the most damaging weather with respect to roofs

That said, keeping an eye on the following five common issues with commercial roofs can clue you in to problems so that you can reach out to a professional before they become more serious.

1.   Poor Installation and Repairs

Sub-par installation will almost certainly end up causing problems. It might not happen immediately, but it will happen. Faulty installation of any type of roof system increases the odds of leaks – which, aside from interfering with operations within the building, frequently result in structural problems that are expensive and time-consuming to repair.

Improper repairs are an equally important issue. A superficial repair that fails to correct an underlying problem can mask damage that will get worse with time. Whether you’re installing a new roof or repairing an existing one, be discerning when it comes to choosing a roofing company.

2.   Common Problems Arise Over Time

A properly installed commercial roof will last for years if it is properly maintained. That said, problems do arise, and the older the roof, the more likely they will occur. No roofing material is completely, permanently impervious to the Winnipeg or Manitoba winter. Eventually, seams may split and membrane materials may blister, tear, or erode. HVAC systems and other equipment or structures that are installed or replaced on the roof may result in holes or other damage, or might interfere with proper drainage. 

3.   No Roof Maintenance

Too few roof issues are detected when they can still easily - and cheaply - be corrected. Your building maintenance routine should include roof annual inspections to look for leaks, cracks, missing flashing, problems with gutters, downspouts and drains, broken or torn shingles or tiles, etc. If you lack roof access or your maintenance personnel don’t have sufficient expertise, have a professional take the reins to conduct your annual roof inspection.

4.   Ponding Water

Water that sits in one place instead of being drained rapidly off the roof will often penetrate minor holes or cracks and cause structural or operational problems in the building. If the area of ponding water is large enough, the weight of the water may cause structural overloading and lead to roof collapse.

5.   Weather Hazards

Many roof problems are exacerbated by extreme weather conditions. In Manitoba, the harsh sun with its powerful UV rays in the summer works to weaken most materials over time, that in addition to our obvious harsh winters with strong winds create a lot of damage on roofs.​​​​​​

As suggested at the beginning of this post, we recommend two roofing inspections a year to ensure the quality of your roof. With a roof inspection you will naturally extend the life of your roof. Call Transcona Roofing at 204-233-3716 for your roof inspection today! 

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