As roofing experts our teams have fielded calls from people asking to fix another contractor’s poor work. Buyers of new roofs expect them to last several years! A properly installed roof takes time and is not cheap — it’s an investment in your home, family, business, equipment, products, etc. But if a roofing provider cuts corners, a new roof could fail. Pass these tips along to people looking at new roofs to help them understand that putting on a roof is more than just "throwing up shingles" — it’s about choosing the right experts to install reliable products. It's about Installing Confidence!

1. Poor installation. Even if a contractor installs the best solution available, if it’s not installed correctly, it may lead to rapid deterioration. Using a contractor who is experienced in installing a particular manufacturer’s product is important because they have experience with the products and know how things like the manufacturer’s roof deck protection, leak barriers, and ventilation all work together to help protect your business and home.

2. Inadequate ventilation. A properly balanced ventilation system helps to keep your roof healthy. A combination of intake, which allows cool, fresh air to enter and exhaust, which pushes hot, moist air out, is needed. During the hot summer months in Manitoba improper ventilation can contribute to damaging heat and moisture build up. In the brutal winters we have, improper ventilation can be a factor in the formation of ice dams. Make sure your roofing provider addresses's critical!

3. Skimping on materials. Don’t just choose the cheapest bid, as that can come at a price if a contractor skimps on items such as edge metal, sealants, or leak barriers. Ask your roofing provider what materials they will be using. If they are skimping on important items like sealants and leak barriers, paying a bit more upfront may be worth it.

Rest easy knowing that Transcona Roofing has you covered. It's about Installing Confidence!

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